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Ralph began his Gospel Music Ministry back in the fall of 1999. Singing for the Lord has been part of his life dating back to his eary teens and now Ralph loves to sing whenever. He was fortunate that both his parents sang and they were part of a radio quartet, "The Kings Quartet", during his early years. Singing comes as a gift - one we must use.

The piano came into his life at the age of 5 and his mother was his first teacher. His piano and voice lessons continued thru his time at Baylor where Ralph was a voice and theory major.

Ralph feels the Lord has called him to minister to the smaller churches as they don't have artist come to bring HIS word in song. "The Prayer of Jabez" was a sermon topic given by his dear friend Chris Wommack and the points of the prayer have been a guiding light:

One that we should ask God to Bless. Two is to enlarge our territory or responsibility. Three that God will be with me and close to me and Four that God will keep us from harm.

      Proverbs 16:3 ask that "we commit our works to the Lord and thoughts will be established".

      Proverbs 3:6 says, "in all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct our paths".

Singing and Songwriting are now the main focus for Ralph. He continues to sing when or wherever, to praise the name of the Lord. Ralph has written with many talented songwriters including Wesley Vowell, Dave Blanton, Micah Weaver, Gene Vowell, Russ Roberts, Randall Blann, Dean Pankonien and Chris Wommack.

Ralph's wife, Kay, has been the constant encourager and closest friend through the many years of singing. She also doubles as his wardrobe coordinator.

We hope that you enjoy the music that God has given us and we also hope to see you face to face and say "Thanks" for being a part of HIS ministry.